Frequently Asked Questions

Will my tree rust?

It depends on which tree you order.  Naturally when the wire is procured, there is a thin layer of oil applied to prevent it from rusting during shipment.  The artist only wipes of the excess when he creates your custom piece.  Your piece should only rust if you place it outside.  All painted pieces will have been degreased prior to  painting and will not rust.   Upon request the artist can degrease your tree and if you want it to rust you only need to get it wet and repeat to your desired level of age.

Are the trees sharp?

YES  they can be.  Most of the time the wire ends are not sharp enough to break the skin but on occasion it could happen.  This is a piece of art which should be placed out of children’s outstretched reach.  JUST IN CASE.  If you denote in the special instructions you would like the sharp edges removed the artist will do his best to minimize the edges.  Note it is note 100% fool proof.  Like any other items in your home or office each has edges or pint which could pose a risk.  This is not different.

Can I shape my tree myself?

YES. That would make Randy very happy of you did.  Make it your own and you can be the artist.  Trees are as unique as our imaginations.  If you make a change and what to share with Randy, please email your photo.  Please see customer photo section

Can I paint it?

Yes but is has to be degreased first.  Generally when the artist makes the tree he knows if it needs to be degreased in advance.  However, once you get it and want to paint it yourself, here are the steps to prepping it before you paint it.

  • Purchase brake cleaner from your local auto parts store.
  • Follow instructions on the can.  Shake well
  • In a well ventilated area, spray the tree thoroughly, several times, allowing the tree to dry between coats.
  • Then paint with spray paint formulated for metal.  Rust-Oleum works great.  Follow instructions on the can.
Could the tree scratch my furniture?

It could but the artist does everything he can to eliminate this issue.  When pieces are not carefully moved, they can scratch furniture similar to any other item.  The artist will honestly do what he can to minimize the sharpness?

Can I hang items in the tree?

YES.  This is highly encouraged and makes the piece more “you”.  Much like a charm bracelet, charms can easy be hung from the branches and serve as a constant reminder of your special memories.  Wonderful idea.